Presentation Management Series

This post series explores concepts in the Presentation Management book with a larger perspective while retaining the original purpose. This helps us enlarge and enhance the scope and reach a larger audience. At the same time, the content is be divided into smaller posts that you can read one at a time. As much as possible, each post will be individually self-contained. We will also take advantage of the blog post medium to make this content more colorful, detailed, and interactive.
01 – Ending the Tangled Mess of PowerPoint?
02 – What’s Wrong With PowerPoint (As If You Didn’t Know Already)
03 – Visual Storytelling
04 – Introducing the Discipline
05 – Why Is It Important Now
06 – Empowering Presenters
07 – From One-and-Done to Enterprise Assets
08 – Increases Productivity
09 – Ensure Compliance
10 – Enterprise Files for Everyday Use
11 – How Presentation Management Transforms Content
12 – Interactive Presentations
13 – Better Storytelling