Interview: Christian Lund


Christian Lund
Christian Lund

Christian Lund is the Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Templafy, an enterprise-grade productivity and governance platform for enterprise document, presentation, and email creation. With over 15 years of domain knowledge, Christian helped spearhead the transition for large organizations from on-premise systems to Software-as-a-Service solutions for document content and template management. Templafy is now a global leader in its category, serving many of the largest international organizations and over 1.5 million users.

As a CPO, Christian oversees Templafy’s product organization and is responsible for connecting Templafy’s overall product strategy and vision with market intelligence and internal operational execution. Christian helps develop the product vision and is driving the product narrative to support alignment across all business units and help Templafy’s go-to-market activities.

Geetesh: It’s great to reconnect with you, Christian. How does Templafy help solve branding and compliance problems?

Christian: Templafy’s platform has strong integration with PowerPoint that connects users to company-controlled and on-brand content. The platform is fully embedded in the employee workflow, ensuring every presentation starts on the right foot.

By automating brand and legal compliance in documents, Templafy ensures that the easiest way to create business documents is also the most compliant. We provide employees with all the document assets, images, and data they need through a task pane embedded in PowerPoint.

Templafy also provides powerful productivity tools to help employees create business documents faster.

Geetesh: How can a company get started with implementing Templafy within their organization?

Christian: Templafy’s implementation process has been developed through over 15 years of designing and implementing tools and templates in PowerPoint for some of the world’s biggest enterprises.

What we see is that when companies start with Templafy, the platform is typically used as an opportunity to refresh template design.

To get clients started, we have a strong global partner network who are experts in this field.

Using Templafy

Geetesh: What results can they expect in the near term after implementing Templafy?

Christian: Companies can expect a spike in productivity soon after implementation as well as increased usage of their presentation assets and a higher level of professionalism in documents produced.

A recent study by Forrester demonstrated just how much productivity companies gained as a result of using Templafy. The study estimated employees were creating presentations 30% faster thanks to our workflow setup.

Templafy’s productivity tools not only help users create documents more quickly, but they can also auto-check for accuracy.

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